Ever wondered why do you have limiting beliefs?

As you walk through life, you might have been asking yourself why there are so many limitations around you? Why do you always end up hitting the wall? The answer lies in your limiting beliefs.

Those undermining thoughts keep you away from reaching your goals. But why they are in your life and how to kiss them goodbye for good.

Your limiting beliefs have nothing to do with you. You imprinted them from people around you  (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.) as you grew up. They are not bad people. They just didn’t know better. Many of them are not even aware of their own limiting beliefs and the power of their words. They passed their own limitations onto you.

When you look at your life, you’ll notice that you’ve created your life based on other people’s beliefs that have nothing to do with you. 

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have the power to change it.

You can let go of any limiting belief, and unlock the unlimited potential within yourself. Here is the proven process to release your limiting beliefs.

5 Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  1. STEP – Identify your limiting beliefs

Before you let go, you have to understand what is holding you back. Take a pen and paper and start journaling. Write down everything even small things that are stopping you from having a life you love and enjoy.

  1. STEP – Take responsibility 

When you have all your limiting beliefs on paper, take responsibility for them. Don’t blame anyone for them. Yes, you imprinted them from your family, partner, teacher, etc. but you still chose to believe in them. You chose to create your life according to them. Your beliefs and your life are your responsibility.

  1. STEP – Forgive

If you think that forgiveness is all about forgiving others, you might forget to forgive the most important person in your life – YOU. There is so much that you can forgive yourself. Allow yourself to forgive yourself for all missed opportunities, mistakes, negative self-talk, limitations but most importantly forgive yourself for not listening to your heart and following your dreams. This is the most essential part of the healing process.

  1. STEP – Release

Now you are ready to release your limiting beliefs. With love and gratitude let them go. They shaped you into the person you are today. But it’s time to release them and unleash that unlimited potential within yourself that you’ve been hiding way too long.

  1. STEP – Watch your thoughts

It’s so easy to slip back into the old habit of having negative thoughts and chatter. Start watching your thoughts and try to focus your thoughts on more positive things and new opportunities in your life. If you catch up with new limitations, forgive yourself and release the limiting beliefs.

Don’t forget – the energy flows where attention goes. When you focus on positive things, positive things will happen to you. 

How energy healing can help you release your limiting beliefs?

One of the ways to help you release your limiting beliefs for good is energy healing. It works on the level where thoughts and emotions are created and it tackles the root cause of the problem. If you just want to get rid of the limiting beliefs without understanding what created them, you’re just stretching the surface and the beliefs will stay with you. When I have a session with my clients, I help them remember the first time when they had those limiting beliefs imprinted from other people, clear the energy attached to that belief, and all ripple effects that belief had on their life. That creates big shifts and helps you unleash your unlimited potential. 

This is how energy healing has helped some of my clients overcome limiting beliefs

I know how challenging this process can be. This is what I do with my clients every single day – help them release their limiting beliefs so they can have a life they love and enjoy. If you get stuck and overwhelmed in this process, I have found that we go through those bumps way faster when we ask for help. “What should I do then, Nina…”

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You deserve to have a life you love. You matter. Your dreams matter. And the world needs that love and light inside of you more than ever.

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