Energy changed my life,
now I want to do the same for other people

Hello, I am so excited to welcome you on my site 🤗. Let me introduce myself.
I am Nina 🤗.

My journey started a few years ago when I had serious issues in my life. When traditional methods didn’t work, energy healing saved my life. Before energy healing I was in a victim state, thinking that everything was against me, all areas in my life suffered. Energy healing gave me tools to transform my life. I took control over my life and created my life the way I wanted. Now I teach people how to do the same.

When I started to learn about energy, I realized that energy affects all areas of life. The more I work on my own energy, the other areas of life improved.

The more I practice it, the more I have it. I sleep less, but I am more energized. I work less, but more efficiently. I am able to see clearly what is going on in my life and to create my life the way I want. I am no longer a victim of the circumstances around me. I became a powerful woman who stands firmly on my own feet.

That’s what I want for you! To live a life beyond your wildest dreams! To be your true self! I want you to have a happier, more joyful and fun life. To be able to master any obstacle on your way! I am more than happy when you achieve  amazing results! I celebrate each result with you! I am your biggest cheerleader. The joy of helping others fulfills my life. My clients have profound changes in their lives. This is my motivation to continue with my work and help thousands more to change their energy and transform their lives.   What do I recommend to my clients? Put yourself first! Invest in feeling good!

The investment in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. You are the most important person in the world. And only when you are in a good state, you can help everybody else around you! Change starts with you. 

You can positively change your life when you make yourself your highest priority. Take action today towards your health, relationships, and life.

Life is meant to be full of excitement and happiness. Take action today towards your life. You deserve it.

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The best investment is investing in yourself


I have worked with Nina for some time and find her intuitive skills to be superb; amazing actually. She has helped me uncover and release (heal) many thoughts that were holding me back. Further Nina is one of the kindest people I have met. If you are seeking help Nina is the person for you.!

Ellen S., Canada


Nina is a gifted energy coach. She helped me remove the pain from my heart and chest area that I've had for 2 weeks at the time of connecting with her. Whatever I did, I couldn't get rid of the pain and I was very emotional during this time. One session with Nina and I was back to wellness. She also gave me tips on what to do to preserve my well-being.

Ivana C, Ireland


I love Nina Maglic, she is definitely magic and so blessed with pure love and light, intuitive guidance and help from divine source. Any blocks you have, anything that holds you back, any darkness or emotional awareness you need to know or release, she can help you with. It’s just blissful only to connect with her energy, to hear her voice and allow her to completely transmute any low vibe from your energy field to be able to go further in life like a newborn, with no attachments, no chords and purified. When she does the clearings for me, I can really feel so much lighter, relieved and bright. Blessings for everyone, love and light!

Olga N., Romania