Nina Maglic, MSc

Illuminated Speaker, Marketing Coach for Healers and Energy Healer

Nina Maglic


Nina Maglic is a captivating speaker with a magnetic personality and a powerful presence that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. She brings a fresh perspective to engage your audience and make your event truly memorable. Every presentation is customized to fit your needs, ensuring that your audience is fully engaged and inspired. Partner with Nina to create an unforgettable experience for your organization.

Elevate Your Event with Nina and Leave Your Audience in Awe!

Get ready to be amazed, inspired, and transformed by the captivating presence of Nina. In this elevated experience, she will leave your attendees in awe and immerse them in the radiance of a magical moment. Through her powerful delivery and magnetic presence, Nina creates an unforgettable experience that unlocks the limitless potential within each and every person in the audience.


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Healing Millions: Heal, Earn, and Impact Millions By Doing The Work You Love

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey as we explore practical marketing and business strategies for healers to expand their reach, attract clients with authenticity and magnify their impact on the world. Whether you are a seasoned healer looking to improve your practice or an aspiring wellness professional, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical steps to elevate your influence in the healing community. Be prepared for an engaging session that goes beyond theory, providing tangible tools to navigate the challenges of the healing profession in today’s dynamic landscape.

How To Create an Illuminated Experience for Your Clients So that They Pay, Stay, and Refer you Again and Again

Elevate your business to unprecedented heights by unlocking the secrets to crafting an irresistible client experience. Uncover strategies that not only keep your clients consistently engaged and satisfied but also transform them into enthusiastic advocates who willingly refer others. Audiences can reap the benefits of these strategies, experiencing heightened customer loyalty and a substantial boost in business reputation. Gain actionable insights that empower you to enhance your own customer relations and create a lasting impact on your business success.

Avoiding Big Offer Mistakes: Strategies to Maximize Profitability

Uncover the common pitfalls that could be hindering your business growth and revenue potential. Learn how to identify and big offer mistakes that may be costing you valuable income. This insightful talk provides actionable strategies to optimize your offerings, ensuring they resonate with your audience, drive conversions, and ultimately boost your bottom line

3 Top Secrets How Moms Can Replace Their Full-Time Income With Their Coaching Business Without Overwhelm, Burn Out, And Sacrificing Time With Their Kids

For mothers seeking to balance entrepreneurship with family life, this talk reveals three empowering secrets to turn coaching businesses into a lucrative full-time income without succumbing to overwhelm or sacrificing precious moments with your children. Gain practical insights, strategies, and mindset shifts to revolutionize your approach, leading to financial success and a harmonious work-life balance.

3 Steps From Suffering To Liberation

Embark on a transformative journey with this talk that guides audiences through three essential steps, transcending suffering and achieving liberation. This empowering narrative not only offers practical tools for personal growth but provides a roadmap for hosts to create events that leave a lasting impact on their audience. Explore the path to personal liberation and share in the joy of transformation as both speaker and audience embark on this enlightening journey together.

From Darkness to Light: The Shero's Journey Unveiled

Embark on an inspirational journey with Nina as she unveils her powerful transformation from surviving war to thriving in purpose. As a global advocate for peace and healing, Nina empowers healers to enhance their marketing, attract clients, and amplify their impact in the world. Your audience will not only witness a remarkable story but will also gain practical insights and strategies to navigate their own path to success, finding motivation and empowerment in Nina’s unique blend of marketing expertise and healing wisdom.

Born amidst war’s challenges, Nina’s resilience and triumph over adversity serve as a beacon of hope. Audiences will be inspired to embrace their true calling, discovering the transformative power of purpose in both personal and professional realms.

By hosting Nina as a speaker, your event will become a transformative experience filled with actionable takeaways, motivation, and a clear roadmap to success. Nina is a dynamic guest, providing engaging content that resonates with listeners and attracts a broader audience to your platform.

Join Nina on the journey “From Darkness to Light,” and offer your audience more than just a story—provide them with a powerful experience that sparks empowerment, instills marketing mastery, and creates a meaningful impact on their lives.


“Nina was recently a guest presenter at a global event I hosted. An amazing presence was set and my audience absolutely loved and adored her. I highly recommend Nina for an event where you want to raise the vibration and deliver transformative results. “

Regina Diann, Hope Empowers, Wealth Strategist


“Nina helped us increase the company’s revenue by 35%.”

Vladimir Markovic, 


“Nina’s competence and knowledge in marketing and HR skills set her as a true leader and someone people want to look up to, work with and collaborate with. She is highly positive, caring and passionate about everything what she does. What impresses me about Nina’s leadership skills is that she selflessly helps others grow into the best professionals they can be, with the right amount of praise and guidance. She creates a positive environment, where it feels safe to be challenged and to challenge back.”

Ines Gvozdar, Portofolio Executive at Mars


Nina Maglic Headshot

 With an impressive 18-year track record in crafting groundbreaking marketing campaigns for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, Nina has evolved into a visionary marketing coach, specializing in guiding healers towards success. Her mission is profound—to infuse healing and peace into the world by assisting fellow healers in improving their marketing, getting clients with less stress, and collectively healing the world. Nina’s unwavering commitment drives every effort, empowering healers globally to unlock their potential and contribute to a shared vision of holistic wellness and abundance. At the core of her transformative approach, the “Illuminated™ Experience,” Nina crafts a unique formula, blending exceptional marketing skills, business acumen, and a profound understanding of energy healing and mindset work. This fusion propels her clients toward building thriving healing businesses. Nina’s presence is magnetic, her energy infectious, and her storytelling relatable, leaving a lasting impact that inspires audiences to take immediate and transformative action.



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