We all have something in our past that needs some healing. Some of the events in your childhood you wish that they never happened. You want to move on and forget about them, but they sneak into your life again when you least expect them. When you finally take courage and start working on your childhood wounds, you bump into a wall and don’t know how to move forward.

After working with thousands of clients, I found these three reasons to be the biggest stepping stones in the healing journey.


 1. Being very emotional 

When you start healing your inner child, all those emotions you wanted to forget are coming to the surface. All of that can feel very overwhelming. Let’s be honest. Past is an emotional topic. We remember based on our emotions, not on our thoughts. That is normal to feel anger, sadness, guilt, blame, shame, and fear.

But that it’s the exact reason why you cannot heal. When you are upset, you cannot heal. Just try to remember the last time you had a fight with someone and when you were very angry, frustrated, and sad. If I came to you and ask you to relax and release those emotions, what would you say to me? You would probably say something like this: “Are you crazy? How can I relax and let go of the anger? Didn’t you see what this person did to me?”

In order to heal, you have to be relaxed and in a neutral state. In my new free webinar, I describe in detail how all those emotions affect mind and body and teach you the exact process that has helped thousands of women be emotionally free without being triggered over and over again. 



. Not working on your real triggers

We all have some events in our childhood that bring about so much anger, blame, and sadness. We all have our unique pain points. If you really want to heal, you have to find what pushes your buttons and makes you emotional. If you don’t work on the root cause of your pain, the pain is going to stay. 

Your emotions stay with you until you heal them. You cannot pretend that they don’t exist. Your mind and body know what is happening inside of you and produce stress hormones that keep you in a constant fight and flight mode. And then one simple thing can trigger your painful memories and make you explode, say things you don’t want to say, hurt people, ruin relationships and make bad decisions that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Healing triggers isn’t as hard or scary as you might think. In my free training, I’m sharing the right way to think about and approach your childhood wounds and triggers. In fact, if you have tried every single piece of advice you found online and in books, or even spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get help and didn’t see results, I guarantee this training will change the way you think about life and your past. Forever.


3. Not believing that you can heal

So many people believe they cannot heal and a better life is not possible for them. That is 100% understandable. Those people have been living like this for the last 20, 30, or maybe their whole life like this and they don’t know better. This is why it is so important to work on mindset while you heal. 

You have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before. If you believe that healing childhood wounds is not possible for you, and you hold onto so much anger, fear, sadness, blame, and guilt, you put your body under so much stress, which can make you suffer and become sick.

Please hear me when I say this…

YOU matter. Your life matters. 

You deserve to live a life full of love, laughter, and joy. All of that is available to you. So many people who have talked to me about my PTR Method tell me they thought they could never smile again. Now, they are in love with life and enjoy beautiful moments with their loved ones. 

You can wake up in the morning excited with a big smile on your face, butterflies in your belly, and be in love with your life. Click HERE to schedule your no-cost call with me and I will share with you the exact steps I use to help my clients. I’m so excited to meet you and help you make those dreams a reality.

Nina Maglic


Nina is a soul activator and transformational energy healer that makes big shifts in her clients’ lives at the speed of light. With her extensive intuitive and energy healing skills, she finds the root cause of clients’ problems and solves them once and for all. 

Using powerful energy healing tools she teaches, Nina went from being totally exhausted and drained from being trapped on the hamster wheel of struggles to creating a life full of love, happiness, abundance, and joy in less than 3 months. Over the past few years, Nina has passed on her proven process to thousands of students worldwide. Nina’s big heart and passion for life transformation are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for her clients. Nina won hearts and minds with a combination of genuine compassion, superb healing skills, and vibrant energy.

When she’s not teaching you the energy secrets to skyrocket your power and life, you might find her dancing Zumba and doing Yoga with her daughter.

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