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How to escape the hamster wheel of suffering and create a life full of love, laughter, joy, and happiness.

I’m not going to lie, dealing with my childhood wounds was painful. There is a lot of shame, anger, frustration, and guilt around that life period. I would hear people talking about a happy life and I would immediately shut myself down from any conversation and discussion. I believed that a happy life is not for me. It’s only for chosen ones and that was not me. 

I was following the well-known path the society convinced me that is the right one ━ a highway to a happy life, but that made me even more miserable. The more I tried, the more I felt like a big failure. So instead of listening to the voice inside of me, I looked outward…I read hundreds of self-development books and watched a tone of videos with world-class teachers on how to create a happy life. But in all honesty, nothing changed. 

This made me question myself.. is a happy life just an illusion? If tools that bestsellers and world-leading teachers are promising don’t work, WHAT IS WORKING? 

I was frustrated and angry… what is wrong with me?

And it turned out that it’s NOT books and teachers that are going to change my life, it was healing my childhood wounds! I had to learn how to HEAL my inner child from a DEEPER perspective and allowing the past to be revealed again. That required revisiting my old burred memories from the childhood that made me who I am today. It was like looking into my old diary, seeing how my experience allows me to see and understand my clients’ pain and how to help them overcome any shame, guilt, blame, and anger … even if they couldn’t see the way out.

As I helped my clients heal their childhood wounds to find deep love and understanding for who they are and people from their past with new loving eyes… resulted in having a life that sparks joy, excitement, and love. 

Just like it transformed MY LIFE.

And it brought about so much happiness, peace, and love into their lives.… because they healed that inner child who needed love, support, and care… Now they were able to see and experience the world from the heart and allow joy, excitement, and happiness to come into their world. 

(No self-help book required).

This is the power of healing childhood wounds.

My method is created from my own experience and using my own gifts and talents, energy healing tools, and deep understanding for my clients’ pain, shame, guilt, and anger. It transformed my life and the lives of thousands of other people around the world!

I went from being overwhelmed, angry, and frustrated to have a life that I truly love and enjoy. A life full of excitement, happiness, and joy every single day. The secret sauce to my happiness is that I’m able to heal any part of my soul within seconds. 

YES, that’s all possible for you too!

My soul is deeply passionate about what I do… because I know the transformation is available to you! You deserve to have a happy life. You can have a life that you love and enjoy. 

Wanna learn how healing childhood wounds can transform your life? This is my invitation to you to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a person who walked in your shoes and knows exactly how painful is to carry out emotional baggage from the past. Book your FREE energy assessment session, so we can talk about HOW healing childhood wounds looks for you.


With love, 


Nina Maglic

Nina Maglic


Nina is a soul activator and transformational energy healer that makes big shifts in her clients’ lives at the speed of light. With her extensive intuitive and energy healing skills, she finds the root cause of clients’ problems and solves them once and for all. 

Using powerful energy healing tools she teaches, Nina went from being totally exhausted and drained from being trapped on the hamster wheel of struggles to creating a life full of love, happiness, abundance, and joy in less than 1 year. Over the past few years, Nina has passed on her proven process to thousands of students worldwide. Nina’s big heart and passion for life transformation are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for her clients. Nina won hearts and minds with a combination of genuine compassion, superb healing skills, and vibrant energy.

When she’s not teaching you the energy secrets to skyrocket your power and life, you might find her dancing Zumba and doing Yoga with her daughter.

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