In this episode of my Liberated Women Show, we’re going to talk about healing mother wounds so that we can open our hearts for more love and deeper connections with the people we love.


We all have mother wounds and you are not an exception. It doesn’t matter if you grew up with the most caring, loving mother in the world or your mother abandoned you and you grew up without her.


Gorgeous, you cannot be happy if you feel pain, anger, and fear. You cannot be happy if you constantly drain and exhaust yourself to make people around you happy. You run out of energy and by the end of the day, you collapse on the bed. You cannot even sleep because you’re so tired. 


Aren’t you ONE MILLION PERCENT DONE living like that?


If your answer is “HECK YES”, book your free call here:


On this call, we are going to map out your journey to have more love, energy, and magic moments with your loved ones. 


With enormous love, 




Nina Maglic

Energy healer and women’s empowerment advocate

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