In this episode of my Liberated Women Show, we’re going to talk about how to get an extra energy kick, ignite your inner fire, and  achieve anything you want with ease and grace! Let’s make this week powerful.

Learn how to raise your energy for this week so you can have every cell of your body sing: “LET’S ROCK THIS WEEK!”🥳

Gorgeous, you matter! Your dreams matter! And the world does need your love and light inside of you more than ever. 💖

Nina Maglic

Become the most courageous, lit up, and abundant version of yourself

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Nina Maglic


Nina is a soul activator and transformational energy healer that makes big shifts in her clients’ lives at the speed of light. With her extensive intuitive and energy-healing skills, she finds the root cause of clients’ problems and solves them once and for all.


Using powerful energy healing tools she teaches, Nina went from being totally exhausted and drained from being trapped on the hamster wheel of struggles to creating a life full of love, happiness, abundance, and joy in less than 3 months. Over the past few years, Nina has passed on her proven process to thousands of students worldwide. Nina’s big heart and passion for life transformation are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for her clients. Nina won hearts and minds with a combination of genuine compassion, superb healing skills, and vibrant energy.

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