Stress Defined

Stress is like part of your daily meal nowadays. It’s all around you and it affects all areas of your life. This is what you don’t want in your daily life, but with your daily routine and activities, you’ll surely run into stress, no matter what you do to avoid it. However, you don’t have to dwell on all the stress factors around you. Stress is when you allow yourself to be exhausted and let it drain the life forces within you. Some say that stress can actually be beneficial to your health because there are certain kinds of stress that can help us cope with problems. But as they say, stress is a lie. Because sometimes, you create stress in your mind, hence, it’ll become part of your real world.


Effects of Stress

Stress can have a big impact on your overall health and wellness. The physical effects of stress can affect your entire body system, from your central nervous system down to your reproductive system. Stress can also affect you emotionally. It can trigger emotions that could result in emotional imbalance and will eventually lead to mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and melancholy, to name a few. When you’re stressed, your physical and emotional aspects are compromised.

Thankfully, there are so many ways to relieve stress naturally.


Coping with Stress through Energy Healing

Energy healing has been going around since ancient times. It has proven ways of helping people cope with stress through different energy healing techniques and provides good benefits to your holistic health and wellness.


Energy Healing/Energy Work

Energy healing restores the balance of energy and improves your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When I started learning about energy, I realized that energy can do much more than influence the energy of your body. Everything around you is energy. Everything comes to its place when you clear your energy. 


Live a Stress-free Life

“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” —Hermann Hesse

A stress-free life is almost impossible with all the chaos that’s happening nowadays, but you can choose to be happy. You can choose to be stress-free. Practice these simple ways to be joyful always.

Be Grateful

Wake up each day with a brand new perspective and be grateful for another gift of life. This is one thing that most of us neglect to acknowledge and take for granted because our mind is busy thinking about our pile of to-dos for the day the moment we wake up. See to it that your waking up thought is a happy and positive one. Waking up with a grateful heart sets your mind the whole day. In everything, be grateful—big or small. Being grateful always helps reduce stress in your life.

Practice Positivity

How you think plays a significant role in your interaction with others, in managing your daily tasks, and your life perspective. A mind full of negativity can easily be clouded with thoughts that would eventually lead to stress. But if you fill your mind with positivity, it can yield good results. It’s very important to clear your mind of negativity so you’ll be able to manage a life that’s stress-free. Remember, there is calmness in chaos. Rid your mind of the dark clouds enveloping it and learn how to live a life full of positivity.

Always Smile

As they say, a smile can launch a thousand ships. Even a simple but heartfelt smile can change everything. Medical experts say that a smile relaxes your facial muscles and releases certain hormones, including dopamine, which increases your feeling of happiness, and serotonin, which helps in reducing stress. You sometimes face uncertainties in some situations, but taking things in a lighter way and donning a smile can help you find inner peace and understanding. Smile. No matter what happens.

Let Go

There’s serenity in letting go of the things beyond your control. There are times that life can be a bit overwhelming and being grateful and positive is hard to maintain. You can even hear people tell you that practicing these things are better said than done.  But if you let stress stay in your life, you will start to overthink and will result in chaos. Living a stress-free life is doing what you can and letting go of the things beyond your control.


Practice self-care and meditation

Practicing self-care and meditation is very important in finding balance in your mental and physical health. There are times it’s hard to even pamper yourself especially when you’re under stress. It can be hard to find ways to relax. But there are ways to practice self-care and meditation at home when you need it. You just need to devote time for yourself and not let yourself drown in everyday stress. 

It’s not bad to be “selfish” and remind yourself that it’s perfectly OK to take care of yourself and your needs sometimes. Taking a nap, indulging yourself in a long, luxurious bath, and doing yoga or meditation are some examples of self-care.

So when life gets tough, take a deep breath. Practice these tips so you can have a stress-free life.


How can I help you?

When I tune into somebody’s body, I am able to see his/her energy. Based on the energy the body vibrates, I can see what the exact problem is. Energy is a really powerful and effective tool. The good news is that you can change energy. I help clients to realize negative energy from their bodies and replace that negative energy with positive energy.

My clients call me Cosmic Ninja because I am able to help them make a huge energy shift that they need to move forward with their life. My clients see the changes very fast, which is the reason they love working with me.

Find out how I can help you. Book your appointment here.


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