What Are The Akashic Records and How to Read Them

Akashic Records Nina Maglic
Unlock the secrets of your soul and understand yourself better​

Ever wondered what Akashic Records are and how they can help you in your life?

Akashic Records can help you understand yourself and the people around you better. They’ll give you a broader understanding of why people behave a certain way and what you can do in certain situations. Akashic Records reading can help you heal your past, and break free from your blocks and patterns for good. Most importantly, Akashic Records can help you find your life purpose and teach you how to live in alignment with your soul.

My first experience with Akashic Records was one of those “AHA” moments that I will never forget.  Finally, so many things started making sense to me. I understood why I behaved a certain way my whole life and why I hit an invisible wall in some areas of my life. Reading Akashic Records of my loved ones, was an eye-opening experience for me. It provided so much information on how I, as a mother, can support my daughter to have a happy and joyful life.

In this article, you’ll learn how Akashic Records can change your life and give you the answers you’re looking for. 


What are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records hold information about your soul and its journey. They keep all your soul memories, experiences, and events since your soul was created. In the Akashic Records, you can find information about your soul’s purpose, your soul’s gifts and talents, everything about your past lives, and the blocks and patterns preventing you to live a life you always wanted to live. It’s a huge library of everything you‘ve ever experienced as a soul. When you think about Akashic Records try to think about it as the world wide web where you can find information about everything you ever wanted to know about yourself. Some of the information is irrelevant to your current life now, but some information will transform your life. With the right technique and questions, you can learn things that will give a completely new understanding and meaning to your life and forever change your life for good. 

Who Can Read Akashic Records? 

Everyone has skills to read Akashic Records but you need to train those skills and put them into practice. Even if you are not aware, you read your Akashic Records from time to time. Accessing the records but don’t know what to do there and how to find answers will not give you the results you are looking for. 

A well-trained person will know what exactly to search for and what kind of questions to ask to find information that will help you solve problems and live a happier life.

Can Anyone Access Your Akashic Records? 

Nobody can access your Akashic Records without your permission. If someone tries to access your Records without your permission, your soul will deny the access. 

You can always read your Records but for everyone else, you will need permission. The only exceptions are kids for whom you have legal or financial responsibility, your partner living in the same household, and your parents. 

If you are curious to find out what secrets J. Lo‘s Akashic Records are keeping, you need to ask J. Lo for permission to find out more. Even though celebrities live a public life, you are not allowed to access their records without their permission.

Akashic Records are a private matter and please respect that.


4 Steps To Access Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading Nina Maglic
Akashic Records hold information about your soul and its journey. Accessing the records can help you understand yourself better, your gifts and talents, and solve your life problems once and for all.

Accessing Akashic Records needs to be practiced and taught by a well-trained person. It’s so important to detach from results and be neutral about the reading. Otherwise, you will influence the results and give an inaccurate reading to your client. 

Please note that you can always access your Akashic Records but for other people, you need oral or written permission.

Here are the four simple steps to read your records:


    1. Set Intentions

Before entering Akashic Records, you have to set clear intentions about what you want to learn about yourself or your client. Akashic Records reflect back to you your intentions. If you are just entering Akashic Records from curiosity, after 2 hours of being in the Records you will end up still having the same questions but being even more confused about everything. Having clear intentions is the key to accuracy and finding the answers that will help you or your clients transform lives. 

    2. Connect with the Records

Some Akashic Records readers enter the Records by saying a prayer, some of them by asking guides, or by using different methods. With the practice,  you will learn how to connect with the records, just by having an intent to connect with the Records. Whatever method you use, it’s perfectly fine. The best way is to find a method that works best for you and makes you confident as a practitioner. 

    3. Ask specific questions 

Akashic Records hold a huge amount of information about your soul‘s journey. 95% of that is irrelevant to your current life situation, but these 5% can be life-changing for you. This is why it is important to ask specific questions that will give you the most important information about your life situation. Asking fluffy questions will give you fluffy results that will lead you nowhere and keep you stuck as you were before. The key to a great reading is to get the information that will help you solve problems. 


Here are some examples of good questions:

“What are my biggest blocks and patterns?”

“How many lifetimes ago did I start this pattern?”

“What life situation happened in that lifetime that made me behave in a certain way?”

“How does this block manifest in my current life?”

“How can I break free from this block?”


Important Note: Don’t drive yourself crazy about every single detail that will not take you anywhere. Having a bigger picture is more important than going into details like what was your name in the past life or in which country did you live. Those small details don’t matter and will keep you stuck forever in your reading. Focus on the most important information that will make the biggest changes in your client’s life.

Reading Akashic Records shouldn’t be hard work. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about the reading, you’re trying too hard. 

    4. Close Akashic Records

When you are done with Akashic Records make sure to close records. There are different ways to close the records some of them are by saying a prayer. Other methods can be to thank record keepers for their assistance and set intentions to close it. 

Your clients‘ records are their private thing and not your business after you‘ve done the reading. Please make sure to close the Records after each session. Constantly engaging with your clients’ records will limit the number of clients you can serve. 

For Whom You Can Request Akashic Records Reading?

You can request an Akashic Records reading for yourself, your kids for whom you are legally or financially responsible, your spouse or partner who lives in the same household as you, or your parents.

You can do Akashic records reading for babies only 12 weeks after the babies are born. It takes 12 weeks for the soul to fully integrate into the body. 

For babies, who die during pregnancy we cannot do Akashic records reading.

Please note that for everyone else you need oral or written permission from a real person you are requesting a reading for. Asking a soul for permission without a person knowing that you want to do reading for her is NOT allowed. Respect privacy and the free will choice of others. 

If you want to access Akashic records for your partner who doesn’t live in the same household even if you have kids together, your kids for whom you don’t have legal or financial responsibility, your in-laws, friends, co-workers, and other people you need PERMISSION. Akashic records are a private matter and the soul will deny you access to the records.

I highly encourage you to have reading for yourself and your family members. You’ll learn so much about yourself and your loved ones and so many things will finally make sense. You’ll find out the easiest and best way to create a happy and abundant life for yourself and how you can support your family to live their best life and be happy too.  

Akashic Records And Properties

Like humans, properties also have Akashic Records that keep information about the history of the ground, portal ways, gateways, anger spears, and negative intentions.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your home, you know something is going on but you don’t know what or have a feeling that you have spirits around you, mystery things happening or your property has been on the market for a longer period and nobody wants to buy it, the best way to find out why things are happening is to request a reading for your property

There are so many things that can influence the energy of the property, especially if a place was built on a sacred, burial or betel ground it can influence the energy of the property. If you have a feeling that something is happening in your home but you don’t know what, you can always book a session and find out more about the place you live. 

What Can You Expect During A Session?

You can expect an hour-long session full of information about your soul, its gifts, and talents, your blocks and restrictions affecting your life, relationships, and health, why you always hit an invisible wall, and how to correct that. Most importantly, you will find out what is your life purpose and how to utilize your gifts and talents to create abundant life.

So many clients get surprised by the amount of information they receive and the level of accuracy. Even the biggest skeptics have jaw-dropping experiences and get blown away by the information about themselves. 

During a session, an akashic records reader can help you clear your blocks and restrictions from the Akashic Records, which will improve your well-being, relationships, and career. You will see the effects of Akashic Records healing over time. The best way to track your progress is to keep notes. I recommend my clients to take 30 minutes after a session to journal about new understandings gained during the session. Next couple of months, write down all changes that have occurred in your life. This exercise helps a lot of my clients to compare where they were before the session and how much their life has changed after a certain period. 

Akashic Records sessions are in high demand, make sure to book your session here as soon as spots are available.


The Akashic Records hold information about your soul and its journey since your soul was created. It’s the key to better understanding your current life problems, and why certain things are happening in your life. Most importantly, they can help you find out your life purpose, your gifts, and talents that can help you create abundant life. 

Akashic Records reading forever changed the way I live my life. I hope, it can inspire you to get to know yourself better.

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