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I finally came back home after being 2 months with my parents. My daughter Ella enjoyed time with grandparents and relatives so much. It almost broke my heart to see her so sad that she had to say goodbye to them.

Being with my parents for so long brought so many memories and unsolved issues that we all wanted to forget, but it was the time to heal ✨.

👉 We realised that we spent so many years being worried about what other people will say and how they will react that we forgot to live.

👉  We constantly run from one thing to another hoping that the next thing will make us happy but it didn’t.

👉  We missed so many precious moments as a family trying to live a life others have designed for us.

This realisation hit us like a storm⚡.

And then you see all emotions coming up that we tried to bury deep down and forget. When the past becomes present, it’s time to heal. We knew we had to work on our emotional wounds in order to move forward.

4 Steps to Healing Emotional Wounds

I’m sharing the exact steps we used to heal. This is the proven process I use to help my clients heal emotional wounds.

1. Identify and acknowledge emotions

The first step was to identify and acknowledge emotions. You have to understand what you need to heal in order to heal. If you are not aware of what makes you upset and cry, how will you know what you need to heal? This process can start just by observation of how you feel at the moment or by journaling about your day. 

2. Find the root cause of your emotional wounds

The next step is to find the root cause of your deep emotional wounds. If you don’t tackle the root of the problem, the problem remains. Sometimes we had to dig deeper, sometimes it was obvious what the root cause was.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to find the root cause don’t give up. If you really want to heal those hurts that keep you crying until 3 am and suffering in silence, keep going. Being free from that emotional baggage will be the best reward you will ever get. 

3. Forgive

When you find what the real cause is, it’s time to forgive. This one can be very challenging. So many people find this step very hard because they think if they forgive that that will justify what the another person did. But it’s not about another person. It’s about you. Your forgiveness doesn’t justify another person’s behavior. You forgive for yourself. If you constantly think about a person that hurt you, you’re giving your energy away to that person and making that person energetically strong and yourself weak. Forgive to get your energy back, feel better and be emotionally free. Forgive to be able to move forward with your life. 

4. Set boundaries

The last step is to set intentions and boundaries for how your new relationships should be. Now you know how your old relationships were and how you want your new relationships to be. Setting boundaries will help you have happier and healthier relationships you deserve.

I know how challenging this process can be. This is what I do with my clients every single day – help them heal and feel better. If you get stuck and overwhelmed in this process, I have found that we go through those bumps way faster when we ask for help. “What should I do then, Nina…”
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You deserve to have a life you love💗. You matter. Your dreams matter. And the world needs that love and light inside of you more than ever.

With love 💖 and appreciation,


Nina Maglic

Nina Maglic


Nina is a soul activator and transformational energy healer that makes big shifts in her clients’ lives at the speed of light. With her extensive intuitive and energy healing skills, she finds the root cause of clients’ problems and solves them once and for all. 

Using powerful energy healing tools she teaches, Nina went from being totally exhausted and drained from being trapped on the hamster wheel of struggles to creating a life full of love, happiness, abundance, and joy in less than 1 year. Over the past few years, Nina has passed on her proven process to thousands of students worldwide. Nina’s big heart and passion for life transformation are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for her clients. Nina won hearts and minds with a combination of genuine compassion, superb healing skills, and vibrant energy.

When she’s not teaching you the energy secrets to skyrocket your power and life, you might find her dancing Zumba and doing Yoga with her daughter.

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