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Ellen S., Canada

“My life became very easy. I did not know that people could live with ease. This was a new experience for me… Everything fell into its place. I’m a much happier person. I feel way more confident in myself and my intuition…This was the best course I’ve ever takenI could not even think about a way to improve it and I cannot think about another course where you get so much support from the instructor.

Karolina R., USA

“It was God-sent. It was truly transformational. I thought I have forgiven my father, but that was not the case. But truly now thanks to Nina, I know that my dad is one of my guardians.”

Susan W., USA

“When I first met you, I was in a fear-based mode. I was afraid of things. I was worried about things. Now I’m in the energy of seeing things through loving eyes.”

Amanda A., USA

Transformation was incredible. I didn’t realised how much I was holding onto the things I’ve thought I let go of, but I didn’t. After literally one session with her, which brought me to tears, I felt so relieved.”

Nienke B., The Netherlands

“It has been quite a journey. Looking back I think It has been amazing… I learned so much I learned so many new techniques to manifest, to let things go, to really create a happier life for myself.”

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