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Dear healer,

We get it.

Building a healing business is hard. Incredibly hard.

You are probably worried about where your next client is coming from.

Frustrated and stressed tossing and turning in your bed until early in the morning.

Praying and hoping that something will change one day.

Even looking at your bank account makes your stomach sick from all the uncertainty.

On top of that, you’re being pulled in thousands of different directions

Should I go live in my Facebook group?

Post on Instagram 3 times per day?

Do a dancing reel?

Or even share my whole life 24/7 on socials like the Kardashians?

Should I do a webinar?

What about DMs?

*Somebody get me out of here please*

Look, most healers have a shiny object syndrome

Mixed with a belief “I have to do all”

And they end up doing a little bit of this… and a little bit of that…

Soon, they end up overwhelmed and frustrated with an endless to-do list…

Screaming and crying behind closed doors.

Feeling trapped in an endless rat race.

Also known as burn out.

On edge of giving up everything.

And we would rather let a cobra kiss us, than operate business like that…

But this is not about us… it’s about you.

You are reading this because your business in some shape and form is not where you want it to be.

Or you are thriving and just want more.

More security.

More predictability.

More money.

More freedom.

More time with your your family.

More cocktails on the beach.

More sand between your toes.

Whatever it is for you…

it all starts by booking your strategy call below…

*angels singing Hallelujah*

Claim your 100% FREE, no-obligation, 60-minute strategy call ($1,000 value). 

What can you expect from this call?

During this call, you’ll learn:

📌 What is the #1 reason stopping you from building your dream business and how to flip the script?

📌 What is the best strategy for your healing business to attract clients (not all strategies make sense for the healing industry and the stage of your business)?

📌 The 4-step strategy that will help you have more clarity and know exactly what you need to do step-by-step to create a business that makes your soul smile and your family proud

What clients say about Nina?

“Nina helped us increase the company’s revenue by 35% in one year.”

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Vladimir Markovic

“Nina is the most radiant person I know. I am so grateful that she is supporting me on my book launching journey. I just adore her passion and creativity, with which she finds an outstanding solution for all things that occurred on the way. What is really exceptional when working with her are her incredible marketing insights – she really knows what works and how – and her vast international network. 
And the magic thing with working with her is, and this is something I have never experienced before, that she has already taken care of anything you need on your journey before you even know that you need it. In all detail! She and her comprehensive work style are really remarkable! 
Nina is always going more than the extra mile to make you and your business stand out from the crowd.” 
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Dr. Cornelia Kawann,

Award-Winning Scientist, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Personal Energy Strategiet


“Nina has designed this course to allow even the most sensitive and spiritually minded light workers to confidently and effectively understand the do’s and don’ts of setting up a thriving and rewarding business from the start!

Her practical knowledge combined with her energy and calm demeanor are her superpower! From the start, I felt comfortable and at ease. She makes business practices fun and easy to understand. She provided the tools that made it effortless for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Every aspect of her course is designed to empower her client. I absolutely loved working with her and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels intimidated by the business side of setting up a thriving coaching business. It is very obvious that her heart is in everything she does!

Thank you Nina for your beautiful light and for following your passion. I have a clear path and understanding of how I can be a more empowered, more effective business owner and all-around better person.”

Yolanda Arrieta Vogels, Intuitive Artist

Claim your 100% FREE, no-obligation, 60-minute strategy call ($1,000 value). 

How does a strategy call really work?

A strategy call is a one-on-one session designed to help you gain clarity and direction for your business goals. Here’s what you can expect during the call:

1. Introduction and Goals Discussion: We’ll start by getting to know each other. You’ll share a bit about your business, your goals, and the challenges you’re currently facing.

2. In-Depth Analysis: We’ll dive deeper into your business. This includes understanding your target audience, your current marketing efforts, and what’s working (or not working) for you.

3. Custom Strategy Development: Based on the analysis, I’ll provide you with tailored advice and actionable steps. This might include specific marketing strategies, content creation tips, and other recommendations to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

4. Q&A Session: You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. This is your chance to get personalized advice and clarity on any aspect of your business.

5. Next Steps and Wrap-Up: We’ll summarize the key points discussed and outline the next steps. If you’re interested, we can also discuss how we might continue working together to implement the strategies we’ve developed.

By the end of the call, you’ll have a clear action plan tailored to your specific needs and business stage, empowering you to move forward with confidence.

This structured approach ensures that you get the most value out of the strategy call, with practical and personalized insights to help you grow your business.

Just a heads-up: This isn’t a high-pressure sales call. We genuinely believe there’s plenty to go around, and we’ve got a long list of people eager to work with us. This call is for go-getters ready to make a big impact doing what they love. If you’re unsure about taking this step, please don’t waste our time—we could be helping others who truly need our support. But if you’re ready, let’s start building the business of your dreams together.

Claim your 100% FREE, no-obligation, 60-minute strategy call ($1,000 value).

This is what you'll get from this call

In less than 60 minutes you’ll have:

📌 In-depth analysis of your business.

📌 Your personalized healing business blueprint to reach more clients, make more money, and have a bigger impact.

📌 Clarity and an action plan to achieve your goals.

If not NOW, when?

You're just one step away from your dream business.

Claim your 100% FREE, no-obligation, 60-minute strategy call ($1,000 value).