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Not knowing where your next client is coming from is a real struggle and puts your business at risk EVERY SINGLE DAY.


If you want to help humanity heal and make a big impact, you need to have predictable streams of clients and income.

Every touchpoint with your clients influences whether they will do business with you.

Your interaction with clients needs to be strategic, well-planned, and have a clear message for them; otherwise, it is just another noise in the crowd and a potential revenue leak.

Find out how to fix your leaks and magnetically attract high-quality clients who pay, stay, and refer you.

+ 3 bonus sales tips to make more money

*Only 5 free calls per month available for our exclusive call, typically priced at €997. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We have a substantial waitlist. Please book a call only if you’re 100% committed to growing your business.


Vladimir M.

Vladimir Markovic

“Nina helped us increase the company’s revenue by 35% in one year.”

“Nina is the most radiant person I know. I am so grateful that she is supporting me on my book launching journey. I just adore her passion and creativity, with which she finds an outstanding solution for all things that occurred on the way. What is really exceptional when working with her are her incredible marketing insightsshe really knows what works and how – and her vast international network. 
And the magic thing with working with her is, and this is something I have never experienced before, that she has already taken care of anything you need on your journey before you even know that you need it. In all detail! She and her comprehensive workstyle are really remarkable! 
Nina is always going more than the extra mile to make you and your business stand out from the crowd.” 
Dr. Cornelia Kawann

Dr. Cornelia Kawann,

Award-Winning Scientist, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Personal Energy Strategiest



6 Ways To Get Clients Without Social Media

Even if you start from scratch and have zero audience and business experience.


There’s a reason we’re the go-to choice for some of the world’s smartest healers.

With our 18 years in the marketing game, we’ve got what it takes to make offers that really speak to your clients’ hearts, get them excited to work with you, and happily pay you your worth.

Let’s face it, there are two types of marketers out there:

The ones that are obsessed with branding and aesthetics…

And those ones who are specialized in building predictable streams of income, providing your clients with great experiences, and having them keep coming back and recommending you to others.

We’re all about making sure you earn well and your clients love what you do.

Think of us as your growth partner, building a strong, lasting, and profitable business for you.


✔️ You’re doing alright with your income, but deep down, you know you’re meant for bigger things. You’re not just in this to pay the bills; you aim to make a real mark and help more people out there.

✔️ You wish your business could run smoothly on its own, freeing up your time for travel and moments with your family and friends.

✔️ You’re top-notch at what you do, but does the world know it? Let’s shout it from the rooftops and establish you as an industry thought leader.

✔️ You’re done with leaving money on the table and are looking to add more income streams.

✔️ You want to create a ‘Million Dollar Brand that ensures a steady stream of high-quality leads and clients who are ready to buy from you.

✔️ You need a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point marketing strategy. No more throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. You want a clear plan that puts you on the fast track.

✔️ You need a proven system that provides a predictable stream of leads and income and grows your business with crystal clarity.

+ 3 bonus sales tips to make more money




Are you a new healer or earning less than €2K a month? Start your journey here. It’s the perfect place to experience what we can offer you before delving deeper into our services.

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Start your journey here if you are an ambitious coach ready to hit your next revenue goal. We will help you set up a system to predictably generate leads and clients for your business growth.

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Join 100+ smart coaches



Start here if your monthly revenue is at least €10K, and you want to scale your coaching business, generate more high-quality leads, and your average course price is at least €5,000.

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Join 100+ smart coaches


“Nina’s passion, goal orientation and analytical aptitude made working with her on a multinational consulting project spanning across several CEE countries an absolute pleasure for me. She always demonstrated a hands-on attitude and a drive to find the “so-what” in every business situation.” 

Georgi V.

Georgi Vasev

“Nina is a highly ambitious, goal-driven yet empathetic business woman. Nina has a unique skillset of entrepreneurial spiritanalytical aptitude and emotional intelligence. She is very passionate about her work and wastes no time to complete projects reliably and with outmost precision and quality.” 


Nabeel H.

Katarina B.

“I was astounded by her depth of thought, quality of insights, and her hands on approach to getting work implemented.”

Georgi V.

Nabeel H.

“I had the honor to work with Nina on various projects and it was always a wonderful experience! She is intelligent, full of fresh ideas and very hard-working. I cannot recommend working with her enough! “

Milica M

Milica Miliovanovic



Every Tuesday morning you’ll get 1 actionable tip to get more leads and sales for your healing business that you can implement in less than 5 minutes.

Join +2,500 Smart Healers

Marketing Tips for Healers

Unlock your client attraction potential if you IF YOU WANT...

Have a predictible pipline of high-quality leads & clients

Create irresistible offers and messages that magneticly draw your ideal clients to you (automatically).

Build a million-dollar brand

Create a powerful brand that attracts raving fans ready to buy from you.

Achieve Your Business Goals & Fast Track Your Success

Use a proven systems that build a rock-solid foundation and 10x your marketing (without wasting money).

Discover the goldmine you’re already sitting on

Unleash untapped revenue in your business and boost customer satisfaction for greater loyalty, increased income, and a flood of new referrals.

Make your competitors irrelevant

Break free from price battles by building a powerful edge for your business, setting yourself apart from the competition, and leaving price comparisons behind.

Master the art of soulful selling

Learn the secrets of ethical selling where your clients feel deeply seen, heard, and understood and happy to buy from you.

+ 3 bonus sales tips to make more money


Nina Maglic

Hey there, amazing healer!

I’m Nina, your visionary marketing coach and healer, on a mission to spread healing and peace across the world by empowering healers like yourself to improve their marketing, get clients, and make money with less stress. 

Yes, my friend, you can be abundantly paid  for your sacred work and have a healing business that makes your soul smile and your family proud. 

With a solid 18 years of navigating the marketing landscape, I’ve worked my magic for both Fortune 500 giants and charming small businesses throughout the USA and Europe.

My main focus now is helping healers thrive by turning their passion into million-dollar brands that contribute to healing the world. 🌐💖

My secret sauce is the Illuminated™ Experience – my very own process that has been the powerhouse behind this success. It’s the key to unlocking the potential in healers’ businesses, bringing clarity and ease to their entrepreneurial journey. 🗝️✨

My mantra? 

Doing good for clients, humanity, and businesses alike. I’ve distilled all my wisdom into a 4-step blueprint that not only paves the way to a profitable healing empire but also leaves an enduring impact on the world. 🌎💰

What makes me stand out? 

A blend of marketing wizardry, business know-how, and a profound understanding of energy healing and mindset work. It’s like a cosmic cocktail that ignites a fire under my clients, propelling them towards building thriving and prosperous healing havens. 

But wait, I’m not just a business expert  – I’m your everyday motivator with a genuine touch. My mix of empathy, business finesse, and infectious energy create ripples that linger with everyone I meet. 🤗

When I’m not revealing the secrets to skyrocketing your life and business, catch me shaking a leg in a Zumba class or striking a zen pose in yoga with my adorable daughter. Because, really, life’s too short not to dance and flow, wouldn’t you agree? 💃🧘‍♀️

Join me on this exhilarating journey, and together, let’s turn your healing dreams into a remarkable reality! 🌟i


“Nina has designed this course to allow even the most sensitive and spiritually minded light workers to confidently and effectively understand the do’s and don’ts of setting up a thriving and rewarding business from the start!

Her practical knowledge combined with her energy and calm demeanor are her superpower! From the start, I felt comfortable and at ease. She makes business practices fun and easy to understand. She provided the tools that made it effortless for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Every aspect of her course is designed to empower her client. I absolutely loved working with her and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels intimidated by the business side of setting up a thriving coaching business. It is very obvious that her heart is in everything she does!

Thank you Nina for your beautiful light and for following your passion. I have a clear path and understanding of how I can be a more empowered, more effective business owner and all-around better person.”

Yolanda Arrieta Vogels, Intuitive Artist

“I came to Nina’s course with zero internet experience. Nina was able to help me on so many levels. From how to set up my webpage to what programs to run, how to do a logo, to email blasts to my clients. Nina helped me ease into my business and was able to answer all my questions about it. I’m forever grateful for her helping me to set up and ease my nerves.

The internet is a big concept for me. But Nina was able to help me see it was all possible and now I have my own business up and running. It’s truly amazing!

Thank you Nina so much for helping my business flourish to the next level. Thank you for all the support and kindness you showed to me. I’m beyond grateful!!”

Susan Wagner, Medium & Energy Healer

“Nina’s course is an amazing fusion of her marketing expertise and lightworker experience. Her targeted no-nonsense, easy-to-follow program, is perfect to make an impact to figuring out exactly how to run your energy work as a successful business.

She is super supportive and gives a ton of tips and helped me figure out my avatar for a business opportunity that just came through for me! I highly recommend this course if you’re serious about your innate gifts being able to be monetized.”

Barbie Layton, Energy Healer, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author



+ 3 bonus sales tips to make more money

Talk directly with Nina Maglic to figure out where you should focus to grow your healing business (no pushy salespeople, we promise).

We’ll help you discover three practical ways to get more clients, and we’ll give you a free Strategy Focus Plan (100% on the house).

You might be wondering why we’re offering this for free. Well, we’re not the kind of agency that just takes on anyone. We work closely with you, so we want to make sure we’re a good match. And if we’re not, we’ll be upfront about it. 🙂

We only bring in three new clients every month because we aim to deliver exceptional value and ensure you achieve excellent results.


✔️  The #1 reason stopping you from getting more clients and how to fix it today.

✔️  How to create an offer that attracts high-quality leads ready to buy from you.

✔️  How to find new pools of leads and build and have a predictable stream of new leads coming in every single month without having to be glued to your phone 24/7.

✔️  How to confidently increase your price and make your partner’s jaw drop on the floor when he sees your next bank statement.

✔️ Discover the steps to create a million-dollar brand that transforms lives and has a significant impact on healing humanity.

+ 3 bonus sales tips to make more money

*Only 5 free calls per month available for our exclusive call, typically priced at €997. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We have a substantial waitlist. Please book a call only if you’re 100% committed to growing your business.