Learn how to let go of the family drama and have the best holidays of your life!


When November knocks on our doors, it brings much more than just cold and windy days. It’s the time when we get excited about the holidays, start decorating our home with Christmas decorations, and the gorgeous smell of fresh-baked cookies recall all our childhood memories. It’s a clear sign that Christmas is around the corner.


Kids get so excited about the whole atmosphere, waiting impatiently for Santa Claus to arrive and bring those Christmas presents that they have been waiting for the whole year. They ask the biggest question of the year: will Santa get their letters on time, and will he keep his promise and come exactly at midnight with the right present?


But for the parents, the holidays are very stressful. They have to make sure that they don’t miss anything from the Christmas to-do list to make these holidays the most magical moments for their kids. Get the right present and make sure that Santa keeps his promises, get that turkey before it’s sold out, cook that perfect dinner for the family while maintaining their sanity.

We all have that one person…

 When the dinner gets on the table, all the magic disappears. We all have that one person that ruins every single holiday. All unsolved family issues become the hottest topic on the table. All those wounds that have been ignored for years, come back to the surface and explode.


All these painful and embarrassing memories are highly charged and need one simple thing to explode. And then you just need one annoying question from a less favorite family member and that’s it. All of the sudden the best memories turn to the worst ones.

But here is the thing…

If you really want to create the best holidays with your loved ones, you have to heal those past wounds. And it all starts with you. 


Healing the past requires courage. Those wounds are often painful and embarrassing and make you sad, angry, frustrated, and stuck for days and even years. You became a pro in ignoring those painful memories until they get triggered by a simple thing. That can make you ruin family relationships, lose your best friend from high school, and say things you would never say.


These painful memories will keep coming back again and again until you heal them. 


But you always have two choices:


  1. Let your unsolved issues become your worst nightmare and ruin every holiday

  2. I can show you exactly what it takes to heal them and have the best holidays of your life

I understand how bad those wounds hurt. Been there. Done that. But I also know how it feels when you make peace with your past and become emotionally free from any past baggage. Like a newborn. No attachment, no cords, and purified. 

The untold truth...


The truth is when you heal, the world around you will heal too. I saw families crying from joy and happiness for being reunited again. mothers and daughters speaking again, grandmothers getting the second chance to play with their grandchildren. I witnessed moments full of love, laughter, and joy. 



I’ve taught thousands of others to do it and I know with every fiber of my soul, this is 100% available to you if you really want it.



If you want to heal your wounds before Christmas knocks on your door, I’d be glad to help. Click here to book your session here. 


The moments with your loved ones are the most precious moments of your life. You and your family deserve those magic moments and to have the best holidays of your lives.




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